Joyful January?!

It’s nearly the end of January – yay!! (also, already, how did that happen?!) The opening month of the year has always had a bad reputation for being the bleakest 31 days of the year and whilst this isn’t a wholly unfounded reputation, I’ve been attempting to look at the positives to beat those dreaded January Blues.

Potential financial turmoil (six weeks between paydays –who thought that one up?!) and the hideousness of that inauguration aside, January isn’t really too terrible a month and I’ve come up with ten reasons why it needs to be reviewed and re-categorised as a not-so-bad after all…


Reset button
A new year gives us the opportunity to reset everything – to take stock of the last year and put things behind us, taking only the good things into the new. It’s refreshingly daunting.

Lighter days
We have passed the shortest day of the year (21st December) and now each day is getting longer and lighter – woohoo!

Chilly sunshine
I love days that are chilly but with brilliant with sunshine and this Jan has had plenty! Big scarfs and chunky knitwear – yes please!

Better health
I know the old adage of “new year, new me” and the pitfalls of going all out in the first week of Jan only to completely stop by the second. But hopefully one or two small changes will stick to make this year healthier than the last!

Good ol’ fashioned clear out
It’s cathartic to have a clear out every once in a while and January is the perfect month for digging out boxes and tidying away. You can’t afford to go out so make your nest the best one it can be!

Bargains to be had
Yes, you can’t afford everything you want from the sales and we’ve all fallen into the “up to XX% off” trap (3% off is NOT a sale!) but there are bargains to be had out there if we just have the patience to look (and do the maths!)

January is the month to batten down the hatches, light those candles and settle down to read your Christmas books. Hibernation goals happen in Jan!

Rediscovering Christmas pressies
For the past two years I have journeyed home for Christmas on the train, leaving my opened Christmas presents for my very kind parents to drive back. When they drop off my parcel of goodies early Jan, it’s like opening my presents all over again!

This January delivered the last (potentially) series of Sherlock and had me fixed to my screen of a Sunday eve. I am a big fan of the Gatiss/Moffat, Cumberbatch/Freeman show and this season, for me, it was back on form!

A clean diary
I love a paper diary and every year, as is tradition, Father Christmas hides in my stocking a new clean diary for the year ahead. Not only do I get to go through the old one, reminiscing about the year before, but I get to transfer birthdays, anniversaries, up-coming events in a nice shiny new calendar that’s fresh with no mistakes in.

We’re nearly there though, through the not-so-bad month and waiting with baited breath to see what the rest of 2017 has in store! Hope you’ve had a good start to the year TTWers!