Seven Magical Christmassy Joys

With just a week to go before the big day, I thought I’d write a small blog post about the seven things that make Christmas the most magical time of year for me (one for every day left to go, you see!)


A love of Christmas and all it stands for is absolutely in my DNA. My beloved grandmother regularly had a minimum of three Christmas trees in her house every year and my parents have taken up the mantle by insisting on two! It is inarguably my favourite time of the year – a time to reflect on the past year, a time for friends and family and a time for giving.

So, with just seven days to go, here are my top seven Christmassy treats:

Christmas-scented Yankee Candles. Christmas really ramps up my Yankee Candle game and I’m not even sorry! Last year, the boy bought me a bumper pack of 12 Yankees and unleashed a candle fetish I never knew I had! My faves this year are Cosy By The Fire, Fireside Treats and Snowflake Cookie.


Texting my Mum my advent calendar surprise every morning. I don’t even remember when or how this started but every morning in December my mum and I text each other what was behind our door that day. It’s a silly tradition but one I love!

Present planning. I make a list and I check it twice! Now this usually starts in November because I can’t contain my excitement for purchasing presents – yep, I’m one of those people! I genuinely love thinking up unusual or surprising pressies for those near and dear.

Going back to the countryside. We spend Christmas deep in the heart of the countryside and I honestly can’t imagine spending the festive funtimes anywhere else. Log fires, local beer, squishy sofas and my attic bedroom all help to make my Christmas familiar yet magical.IMG_0369.JPG

Sparkles and glitter (otherwise known as the bane of my Grandad’s life!) The women in my family love glitter, sequins and anything sparkly but at Christmas time we tend to ramp up the volume! Glittery tops, shiny shoes, sequins in Christmas cards so it goes everywhere when the unsuspecting recipient opens it… you name it, we do it!

Festive films and foods. OK I’m cheating a little with this one as it’s technically two but I only have seven bullet points to play with here! Sitting down together with your loved ones is what Christmas is all about and if there are some killer nibbles (brie and cranberry parcels anyone?) or a massive cheeseboard lying around then so much the better! Elf and a cheese coma… that’s Christmas!

And finally, Christmas cheer. There’s something about this wonderful time of the year that makes everyone behave with a little more consideration towards our fellow man (or we should do at any rate!). You see friends you’ve been too busy see for what seems like months, donate to charities because it’s a time of giving, buy presents for strangers in the guise of Secret Santas and charity shoeboxes… the list is wonderful and endless!

What Christmas traditions are you looking forward to for next week?