About Me

Hi there, I’m Libby.

Ever since I was a little girl books have been a massive part of my life. I love having them, reading them and, now I’m all grown up, working with and reviewing them.

I like to think that I’m a little bit of Elizabeth Bennett, Jo March, Anne Shirley, Katniss Everdeen and Dick King Smith’s Sophie…
It’s wishful thinking.

Though I studied English at university, I didn’t particularly read for fun during those three years – I would occasionally buy a bottle of red, some dark chocolate and curl up with a book but that was a rare and thinly veiled attempt at sophistication!

Now not only do I work in publishing and study children’s literature in my spare time but I fill as much of my spare time with reading and Through the Wardrobe was started to give all that reading some meaning (and to tenuously justify my book-buying!)

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Through the Wardrobe

The title of this blog is partly inspired by one of my favourite children’s books ever – the supremely brilliant The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – and partly a nod to my strange childhood compulsion of sitting in my wardrobe and reading books by torchlight!

The books I read and review are mainly YA or adult but I don’t confine myself to a particular style or genre – I tend to read books that grab me from a brief glance of the blurb and see where they take me.

I love the power of a first line – be it good, bad or completely obscure – so I will include the first line at the beginning of every review just to give you a flavour of that first hook.

My beautiful logo was hand-drawn by the talented and wonderful Miss Caitriona (ReadsBooksReviews) – I couldn’t have imagined a lovelier design, thank you so much gorgeous girl! The background design is taken from a template on ColourLovers, designed by SSSFCLRC.


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Looking forward to see what you read so it’ll give me some ideas… Congratulations for your blog site !

  2. I shall so look forward to reading your reviews Libs. I’m just getting back into the reading habit so looking for inspiration.
    My current read is the latest Ian Rankin. Apart from the fact that I am a fan of his, I take your point about the ‘first line’. In this instance it is ‘He’d made sure he wasn’t standing too near the open grave’. Just had to read on.
    Very proud of you but then I am your Grandad.

  3. Congratulations Libby for your award ! I think you do deserve it. Such a pleasure to read your blog.

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