Superhero Superstory

All My Friends Are Superheroes

Tom and the Perfectionist sit in the designated waiting area of Gate 23, Terminal 2, Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

We are all told that with great power comes great responsibility (or at least Peter Parker was when he became the infamous Spiderman…) and so, following that vein, I would argue that with great writing comes great storytelling. All My Friends Are Superheroes was Andrew Kaufman’s debut novel and, having devoured it, it won’t be my last foray into his work.

All of Tom’s friends may be superheroes but even they can’t help him. Rendered invisible to his new-bride by a jealous ex-boyfriend, Tom has to figure out a way to convince the Perfectionist of his love (and existence!) before he loses her forever.

In this short, fast-paced novella, Kaufman creates a fantastical, witty world and a love story you’ll want to revisit time and again. His writing is pithy and precise and delivers a modern fantasy romance with a fairy-tale twist.

All My Friends is a really quirky, fun read but at the same time it can be desperate and raw – these characters aren’t being played with, they are doing the playing. Emotions drive the tale within Kaufman’s perfectly crafted storm of this twenty-somethings life. You feel the desperation of Tom longing to connect to his wife of just a few days, the abandonment felt by the Perfectionist and the unadulterated rage Hypno channels into his revenge.

It is, initially, quite a surreal read but once you accept the unacceptable and embrace the ‘super’ nature of certain characters, you’ll find your feet and follow Tom effortlessly time and again.

4 star


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