Top Ten Tuesday – Literary Couples


Every week The Broke and the Bookish conjure up a new Top Ten list for us book bloggers to write about. This week is, unsurprisingly, a love-related freebie so I have chosen to share with you lovely lot my ten favourite literary couples. Writer and frenchman François de La Rouchefoucauld said that “people would never fall in love if they hadn’t heard love talked about” and as some of the greatest love stories are found in literature perhaps they wouldn’t fall in love if they hadn’t read about it either.

Below is a list of my #relationshipgoals couples from the wonderful world of books. These are the couples I’ve rooted for, laughed alongside and felt all the feelings with – the ones that never change because they’re written on the pages of our favourite titles. Starting with…


Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy

AKA the dream team! Very little needs to be said here as they’re pure perfection!



Mr and Mrs Weasley

I know, I know – Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny or even Tonks and Lupin should be the HP couple on this list and they would be if not for the fact that Molly and Arthur blow every other couple’s love, commitment, loyalty and relationship out of the park!



Jo March and Laurie Lawrence

Because this relationship is what should have been and nothing will change my mind on that! Every time I read Little Women I cross everything that this time Jo will say yes and all will be as it should. Professor Behr has nothing on Laurie Lawrence, Louisa May Alcott!



Katniss and Peeta

Katniss and Peeta may not be a conventional couple but throughout the Hunger Games trilogy they not only want to survive but try to keep the other alive against all odds. Their selflessness towards each other makes them undoubtedly a better fit than Katniss and Gale.



Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe

Anne and Gilbert grow up together and their beautiful love story goes from childhood teasing to friendly respect to a deep-rooted love. He’s the anchor to her dreaming and even makes her say the iconic line “I don’t want diamond sunbursts or marble halls…I just want you.”



Westley and Buttercup

How could I not pick the star-crossed lovers from the greatest story ever told? Westley and Buttercup’s relationship in The Princess Bride make for the ‘typical’ fair-maid and farmhand-turned-pirate love story within a wonderfully satirical and hilarious fairy tale.



Colonel Brandon and Marianne Dashwood

Willoughby was fleeting whereas Brandon is forever! He waits in the wings with quiet determination and patience, saving his love’s life and nursing her back to full-strength – still waters run very deep with his man and Marianne is a very lucky lady!



Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park are the teen dream couple – on paper they are completely mismatched, come from different worlds and yet they find what they need in each other. In Eleanor and Park Rainbow Rowell creates the perfect teen romance with realistically flawed teens – no Romeo and Juliet simpering here!



Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew

Like ships in the night, Emma and Dex are never ready (or single!) at the right moment to get their acts together but we root for them anyway! They’re meant to be; pure and simple but David Nicholls I will never forgive you for page 385.



Benedick and Beatrice

Some people might say Romeo and Juliet for the token Shakespearean couple but I have always preferred the feistier Benedick and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. They are older, wiser and have a much better story in my opinion – an embittered yet wisecracking rivalry that develops into something more.


Happy Valentine’s Day TTWers! Who are your favourite literary couples? Did you meet your other half in a literary way? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Literary Couples

  1. This is an awesome list! I’m not familiar with every couple mentioned, but I do love the Austen pairings and Anne & Gil! I confess, I’m happy with Professor Behr but I do understand Laurie fans.

    Here’s my TTT, featuring 10 fav Jane Austen-Esque Romances

    • Thank you so much! I thought it was a really interesting quote! I agree, the emotion of love is definitely instinctive but we learn so much about love and relationships through reading the pitfalls and successes of those in books that I think they do, in a small or large way, influence our experience of love – I know I’ve definitely compared each of my relationships with literary ones!

  2. I adore your list! I love that you have Mr. and Mrs. Weasley on here. They were the best. I also love Katniss and Peeta and Eleanor and Park. I really want to read Anne of Green Gables soon!

  3. Lizzie/Darcy, Anne/Gilbert, and Benedick/Beatrice are all on my list too, but its an entirely different topic. Though they do all belong on my favorite book couples list too.

  4. Absolutely loved Benedick and Beatrice from Much Ado also! (And yes, agree – preferable to Romeo and Juliet.) I too wish Jo March and Theodore Laurence had been the match in Little Women (I looked for a variation of Little Women in which this happened, couldn’t find one, and so wrote one…). Rose and Mac in Louisa May Alcott’s Rose in bloom are another favorite; Jane and Rochester in Jane Eyre; Jamie and Landon in Nicholas Sparks’ A walk to remember.

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