Top Ten Tuesday -Ten Favourite Picture Books


Every week The Broke and the Bookish conjure up a new Top Ten list for us book bloggers to write about. This week is all about the visual – picture books. Now, I wrote a Top Ten on quirky picture books a while ago but this week is all about the greats: my favourite and absolute best top ten picture books of ALL time!


Five from Childhood

Cuckoobush Farm
This is the first book I remember being read to me. My mum would take a very long time to finish reading this tale of a farm through the seasons because we would pause on every spread, looking at every detail. I think this book is why I became a reader.

The Jolly Postman
The Ahlbergs are children’s literature royalty and The Jolly Postman is one of their best. It’s such a simple idea but brilliant – I loved and still love pulling out and reading all the individual letters.

Five Minutes’ Peace
My grandparents always used to keep a big box of books hidden under the bunk beds in our room at their house and it was in that box that I discovered and fell in love with Jill Murphy’s tale of Mrs Large’s quest for some much-needed down time.

The Stinky Cheese Man
Playing not only with the content of fairy tales but also the concept of a book, this book is pure brilliance. Every house should own a copy, whether you have children or not!

Katie’s Picture Show
This book not only ignited my imagination but it gave me an interest and understanding of art from an early age. Now, I am far from an art lover but I do go to galleries and enjoy looking at art and I wholeheartedly credit my parents (but also this book!) with that interest. My favourite spread was always when Katie visited Rosseau’s Tropical Storm with a Tiger – its fabulous!


Five since Childhood

Who Done It?
Tallec’s extraordinarily simple but effective book contains a series of humorous line-ups and is sheer brilliance. I love not only identifying the ‘guilty party’ but see what everyone else is doing on every spread.

I Want My Hat Back
I challenge anyone not to laugh when they hit Klassen’s game-changing spread in this book of a bear looking for his hat – it’s genius!

Ella’s Big Chance
This reimagined tale of Cinderella in Hughes’ iconic style is not only magical but also beautiful. There’s a nod to the ridiculousness of fairy tale endings which is fab but the lingering factor by far with this book are the costumes and atmosphere created with Hughes’ art.

The Sleeper and the Spindle
Couple Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell with a feminist fairy tale and you have a winner in my eyes. The story, the illustrations… everything about this book is heart-achingly perfect.

As a lover of words, some may find it weird that I also have a penchant for wordless picture books and Becker’s Journey series is one of the best. The opening book in the trilogy draws you into its magic and welcomes you back with every reread – for there will be rereads!


What were your favourite picture books as a child? Have you come to love any other ones since infancy? I’d love to hear all your recommendations!


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