An Ode to Resolutions

The tree is undressed and the bottles all drained,

The wreath is unhung and some pounds have been gained!

Christmas is over and the New Year seen in,

Resolutions are made – let the ‘new me’ begin!


I’ll look after the pennies, I’ll budget and plan –

It’s the year of good finance, a frivolity ban!

But the sales are a calling – they only come once a year,

And Jan is too bleak, it needs spending cheer!


So I’ll go to the gym and workout every day,

To be lean, thin and lithe and half what I weigh!

Early mornings are hell! More sleep must be better

Than plodding and panting in an old uni sweater.


The diet’s the thing! A complete overhaul!

More fresh fruit and veg ­and no pizza at all!

But no wonder I’m hungry, I live like a rabbit…

Will I ever catch on to this ‘clean-eating’ habit?


Right, I’ll stop all the booze – no pub trips in sight,

I’ll resist the temptation with all of my might!

A leaving do? A birthday? A Friday night drink?

It would be rude not to go… just a quick one I think!


Saying “yes” to new things will enrich my life –

I could knit, be an artist, a chef or a wife (?!)

But the one thing I want more than hobbies and fun

Is a night on the sofa and a meal just for one!


So for this shiny New Year, I think the best aim,

Is to be happy, healthy and mostly… the same!

No impossible changes or drastic amends –

Just good times and laughter with family and friends.


© Libby Walden, 2017


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