Home Is Where My Heart Is


Home means something different for everyone.

Today I am heading home for Christmas and a blissful nine days in the countryside with my family – I cannot wait! Going home for Christmas is something most people experience but, in all the excitement, it can be easy to forget or not think about what ‘home’ actually means.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a Christmassy anthology of short stories by an amazing selection of YA and children’s writers AND £1 from every sale goes straight to Crisis, the charity that helps to combat homelessness in the UK. Contributors to the book include Benjamin Zephaniah, Cat Clarke, Marcus Sedgwick and Non Pratt and each author delivers a short story or poem focussing on what it means to have, or not have, a home.

I’m not a usual reader of short stories, as I’ve discussed previously on TTW, but I really enjoyed reading the multiple offerings from the variety of voices in I’ll Be Home For Christmas. There were, inevitably, a couple of stories that weren’t really my cup of tea but such is the nature of anthologies. Zephaniah’s poem, ‘Home and Away’, was beautifully written and I loved the quirky, dystopian nature of Melvin Burgess’ ‘When Daddy Comes Home’. Sita Brahmachari’s ‘Amir and George’ is a truly heart-breaking and utterly relevant tale of rescue and refuge – definitely a highlight from a high-calibre pool of artists.

There is something for everyone in I’ll Be Home For Christmas and it is a perfect book for YA fans to dip in and out of over the festive period. For me, home is wherever my family are and our little house in the countryside epitomises Christmas in my mind ­– I can’t imagine spending my favourite time of year anywhere else!

I really hope that, wherever you are and however you celebrate (or even if you don’t), you have some wonderful festive funtimes.

3 star


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