More Please!


I like hard work and I don’t like pretending things are perfect.

I have to admit, I am more than slightly addicted to the brilliance that is Parks and Recreation and I picked up this book in the hope of getting to know the genius woman and leading star Amy Poehler that little bit better.

Yes Please did not disappoint – in fact, it made me fall in love with Amy even more. Funny, frank and truthful, the pages fly by in the reading of Yes Please. It’s not a tell-all memoir (which is slightly disappointing but some things are, quite frankly, none of our business) and its not a pure-comedy title but it is comfortingly hilarious!

Poehler is generous with her honesty and advice and the book reads like you’ve sat down with her for a long cup of coffee in your favourite coffee shop – it’s warm, friendly and easy to connect to. She offers insights into the struggles of working in a creative industry as well as tackling some of the bigger issues on the journey of life – sex, relationships, drugs, boundaries, manners and friendships.

Unsurprisingly there’s a large section dedicated to Poehler’s time on America’s SNL – a job that put her on the comedic map. SNL is not something I am entirely au fait with, being a Brit, but (very fortunately!) there is YouTube. I was diverted from reading many a time to see what sketch was being referred to and frequently get lost in the back catalogue of Poehler’s genius so I would advise any non-American to have a good wifi connection before you sit down with Yes Please!

Christmas is the time when biographies, autobiographies and every other -ography fill the shelves of bookshops. But if you like anything Amy Poehler has ever done, choose Yes Please this Christmas. It’s brilliant!

4 star


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