Well, Are You?



No, no I’m not! But having recently reread this wildly ridiculous adventure, I so wish I were!

Have you ever made a drunken bet with someone and immediately thought “I really hope they don’t remember that in the morning?” Danny Wallace has. One night, in a pub in London, Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace shared some tequila and placed a bet. The next morning, Danny and Dave found themselves on a madcapped search for more Dave Gormans – 54 to be precise.

Written in a dual narrative between Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace, Are You Dave Gorman? is a true story of how far two men will go to prove which one is right. You would think detailing multiple meetings with multiple Dave Gormans would be rather repetitive but the individual voices of Danny and Dave alternating throughout carry this bizarre tale wonderfully.

It seems like an utterly mad capped and pointless adventure to find 54 of your namesakes, particularly if you travel across the world to do it, but Are You Dave Gorman? whisks you up with the fun of it all and even tempts you to try it for yourself! There are financial and personal pitfalls along the way (you feel so sorry for Danny’s girlfriend Hanne) but essentially it’s about two mates putting into practice the childish, ridiculous honour of a drunken bet. A silly but satisfying read!

4 star


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