Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Non-Sentimental Things I Am Thankful For


Every week The Broke and the Bookish conjure up a new Top Ten list for us book bloggers to write about. This week is all about things we are thankful for. Now, as an Englishwoman, I don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving but I have watched enough episodes of Friends and HIMYM to have an idea of what kinds of things I should be thinking about when putting together a ‘thankful for’ list!

The Broke and the Bookish have specifically asked for us not to be sentimental so I’m hoping my lovely friends and family take it as read that I’m incredibly grateful to have them in my life. I count myself incredibly lucky every day to have the family I have and to have found the friends I have along the way. The boy is a constant source of calm and strength for me in my hectic life and I will be eternally thankful that our paths crossed and we found each other. Love all of you lots and lots.

Now, swift-change, onto the more trivial autumnal and wintry things that make me happy…

Chai tea lattes
This is the first year that chai tea lattes have become a staple in my coffee-shop purchases and I’m obsessed! Just comfort, warmth and autumn in a glass – pure cinnamon perfection!

[addendum: I never realised quite how much sugar was in a chai tea latte… definitely more of a treat!]

My duvet
It’s finally cold enough for my thick, fluffy duvet again and oh how I’ve missed it! It’s been months of just an empty cover on top of the mattress but now I can justify the marshmallowyness of a proper, snuggly duvet – bliss!

Novelty jumpers
Who doesn’t love a novelty jumper?! I am the proud owner of a very kitsch smiling sushi jumper and it is quite possibly my favourite jumper so far but that could soon change… for I have finally got my first ever Christmas jumper! It has bells AND pom poms!

Red velvet cake
Any cake will do really but the queen of cakes, for me, is the red velvet. She’s a rich but light delight – ruby gorgeousness with a cream cheese frosting to top it all off… delish!

Slipper socks
I absolutely hate slippers but for some reason when I come home and the world outside is dark and gloomy all I want is to be curled up on the sofa wearing my sloppy clothes and slipper socks warming my tootsies!

Thanks to a lovely colleague, I was tempted back towards Lush earlier this year and my skin has honestly never looked better! I now swear by 9 to 5 and Eau Roma Water as a daily cleaser/toner combo and I have fallen in love with the Santa Baby lip tint – it’s a gorgeous Christmassy red and it lasts for ages! And speaking of red…

Red, red wiiiiiinnneee!
My autumnal tipple is back in my life and I’m really enjoying exploring new brands and blends. I went to Unwined in Tooting Market a few weeks ago and they tell you the story behind each bottle – I learnt so much and felt very sophisticated indeed!

Yankee candles
I love the dancing shadows created by a flickering flame and the scents of some of the Christmassy Yankee candles really make the season great! This year I am loving Fireside Treats, Snowflake Cookie and Spiced Orange, mmm!

DVD boxsets
When the evenings are dark before you even leave the office, the last thing you want is to go home and do something productive. You want snuggly times on the sofa, watching a good boxset! Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place is having a resurgence in my household of an eve, what are you watching?

Gold brogues
I don’t feel like I’ve featured these enough (…) so I’m mentioning my favourite shoes once more! I’m not a shoes and handbag kind of girl but in these shoes I can’t help but feel special with every step!

What are you thankful for this autumnal Tuesday?


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Non-Sentimental Things I Am Thankful For

  1. LUSH!!!! Yes, I love them too! I am living near one for the first time ever and it has been so amazing for my skin. I used to live in the warm and lovely South of the US and didn’t need the barrage of skin products that I do to live in the dry and freezing North. Lush has totally saved my face. But even before, bath bombs and facemasks! I can’t get enough of Love Lettuce.

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