The Arrival of Autumn

This week has been the first week that has vaguely hinted at anything autumnal. I do hate the shorter evenings but the crisp sunny mornings of autumn just cannot be beaten! I’ve had a few morning walks to work that have given me a spring in my step (ironically!), not least because I’ve been wearing my new favourite shoes…


The boy absolutely loathes them but I don’t care, these shoes make me very happy indeed – how can you feel sad or depressed when your feet shine like gold bullion?!

There has also been so much adulting going on in my life that some shiny shoes have been a much-needed distraction! Last weekend the paperwork was all signed off and now suddenly I have a flat to call my own – eee!!! I love my new home, it’s a gorgeous flat and I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be a home owner, but the coming of the handover did give me heart palpitations – so much responsibility! I am now with a modulated spreadsheet (thanks to my incredibly organised sister) and will be trying my very best to keep on top of everything… I’ll keep you posted!

This week has also delivered several very exciting packages – ones I have been waiting on for a very long time! The first is a print from an illustrator I worked with on my In Focus book – the amazing Jessie Ford. I’ve had my eye on her food print for ages, thinking it would be absolutely perfect for my new kitchen, and I eventually ordered and took delivery of it this week – isn’t it pretty?! She’s such a talented illustrator and a lovely lady to boot, please do check out her website.


The second delivery was something I ordered in May (!!) – the second illustrated Harry Potter and it does NOT disappoint! I cannot praise the combination of JK Rowling and Jim Kay enough, he has an intuitive and original view of the Harry Potter-sphere and creates utter magic on the page. I will be doing a proper review in due course but had to just share the excitement!


Wishing you all a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend TTWers xx


One thought on “The Arrival of Autumn

  1. I love her prints! I’ve seen some of the book covers before but never realised they were here; thank you for finding her! I have someone in mind who would really like the coffee one…

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