A Dahl A Day – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


These two very old people are the father and mother of Mr Bucket.

There is a mysterious but magical chocolate factory in Charlie’s hometown. It makes the most delectable treats that defy the taste buds but no one ever goes in or out of Wonka’s factory – how are they being made? A shock announcement that five children are to be invited past the factory gates sends the chocolate-loving world into a spin! Who will get a lucky Golden Ticket and does little Charlie Bucket stand a chance?

Dahl created some of his best-loved characters within the pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it’s easy to see why. His loathsome characters are utterly foul and his heroes are incredibly sweet and Willy Wonka…well, he’s just brilliantly, sarcastically eccentric! The Oompa Loompas’ songs intersperse the narrative with comedic timing, echoing the sentiments of their creator perhaps – I’m looking at you Mr Dahl!

Whilst the story is nigh on perfect, I think my favourite parts of this book are the sumptuous intersections. The little anecdotes that don’t necessarily move the story along but enrich it to something truly magical – Prince Pondicherry, square sweets that look round, everlasting gobstoppers, the fudge mountain…they’re wondrously endless!

There is something infinitesimally comforting about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It has always been a favourite of my bookshelf but in this reread I really noticed how the escapism of Wonka’s magic world shut everything else out. That’s what Dahl does best – he creates worlds you never want to leave, ones that stay with you from childhood into adulthood and that we pass on generation to generation. Charlie combines the heart-warming Dahl tale with his signature dark-humour to create a complete children’s classic.

5 star



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