A Dahl A Day – The BFG


Sophie couldn’t sleep.

To kick-start my fortnight of A Dahl A Day I have picked one of my absolute favourites. I recently wrote a post about the film adaptation of this book (which you can read here) but today it is all about the book BFG reigning supreme in all his spiffling finery!

Sophie cannot sleep. All is quiet in the orphanage and there’s a strange feeling in the air… Peeking out of her window at exactly the wrong moment Sophie finds herself being whisked away to a strange land by an even stranger, and enormous, giant! But despite their man-eating reputation, Sophie finds herself in the home of an extraordinary dream-blowing stranger who just might become a friend…

I give a huge amount of credit to Dahl for making me a reader, a writer and an editor of children’s books but I firmly believe that it was reading The BFG that cemented my love of the English language. Through the jumblied up words and phrasings of the Big Friendly Giant, Dahl showcases how language can be played with and moulded with amazingly hilarious results. It’s a world where you can be left instead of right, where we are human beans and where things can be delumptious and buckswashling. Every sentence is pure gobblefunk gold!

The story of Sophie and her giant is filled with magical touches, elevating it firmly into the canon of children’s literature to revisit time and again. The BFG is a dream blower – a giant who collects and creates good dreams, sending them into the homes of humans to compensate for the terror of the other giants. The relationship between the little girl and the lonely BFG is just beautiful on the page – one I felt was completely absent from the recent film adaptation. They become best friends, sharing similar circumstances and outlooks, encouraging each other to become the hero rather than remain the victim.

I’ve always loved this book and I always will – it’s delumptious and fantabulous and definitely worth a read or a reread, if you haven’t indulged already!

5 star


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