Introducing My Dahl A Day Challenge!

The magic of Dahl has been delighting children around the globe for decades and he is an author whose work transcends time and gains new fans with every generation. Roald Dahl changed the face of children’s literature forever with his works, putting child characters into the position of the hero and breaking the illusion of perfect parents and humanising grown ups.

As a children’s literature reader, writer and student it will hardly be surprising to anyone that Dahl, to me, is one of the best writers who ever lived. He was a manipulator of words, a magician of storytelling and an inventor of imaginative worlds. He was one of the authors who helped me become a veracious reader and so the next 14 days of TTW are in honour of this splendiferous man!


This year’s Roald Dahl Day, on 13th September, marks 100 years since Roald Dahl’s birth. I have always wanted to do this particular challenge but university prep has always taken priority but this year (fortuitously, given the special year) I am able to start my Dahl A Day with determination and gusto.

Dahl A Day is exactly what it says on the tin – I shall be reading and reviewing one Dahl A Day from tomorrow (1st September) right up to Roald Dahl Day on the 13th! I know I haven’t got the entire Dahl canon on my list, for he has written more than 13 titles, but I am doubling up on a couple of days to fit in as much Dahl as I can over the next two weeks! Here’s what you can expect and when:

1st The BFG
2nd George’s Marvellous Medicine
3rd The Minpins
4th Fantastic Mr Fox
5th James and the Giant Peach
6th The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me / The Magic Finger
7th The Witches
8th Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
9th Someone Like You (the only adult title of the bunch!)
10th Matilda
11th The Enormous Crocodile
12th Danny the Champion of the World
13th Boy / Going Solo

So please join in with me if you can (#DahlADay) and keep checking in with TTW to talk all things Dahl for the next fortnight! I shall see you tomorrow with a review of my favourite Friendly Giant…

Roald Dahl


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