Splendiferous Sightings

There’s something wondercrump happening in the city of London this summer and it’s not just the release of Steven Spielberg’s The BFG – though I am unbelievably excited about that cinematic joy!

Following the success of the elephants, the Shaun the Sheeps, the buses and the book benches (the last of which I have reviewed here), this summer sees the launch and landing of various dream jars in spots around the capital. And so, with ridiculous BFG enthusiasm, I set out on an early exploration to find some of the jars already in situ…

Choosing to follow the Majester’s trail, which started at Victoria train station, we were able to discover Henry’s Dream outside the Saatchi Gallery (1), Graham’s Dream in Harrods (2), Sabine’s Dream in the Madarin Oriental Hotel (3), Aston Martin’s Dream by the Wellington Arch (4) and finally ending with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s Dream in St James’ Park (5).


The Duchess of Cornwall’s Dream, Read, was my favourite of the day and is not only beautifully designed by Michael Howells but is inspired by the dream that all children have access to and the ability to read. This is an ideal that drives me every day and I loved seeing it come to life! It is represents the reason I chose to work in children’s publishing and the reason why I love my job – making books for children that transforms them to new worlds and introduces new ideas and makes them readers.


All the dreams have been submitted by celebrities and will be in place, on show, by 22nd July until 31st August before being auctioned off to raise money for Save the Children. Trails and more information can be found on the Visit London website.

If you do one of the trails please do let me know which one you do (I’m planning another one later on and recommendations would be very welcome!), let me know which dream jar is your favourite and please don’t forget to dream big!


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