Three Years Of Going Through The Wardrobe

TTW turns 3

Three mini cakes for three big years! (The cakes lasted for all of two seconds though…)

So my little corner of the Internet has gotten through the terrible twos and is entering it’s third year – how did that happen?? This past year has really felt like a make or break year and there were times when I really found it hard to find the words to blog.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life but there were times this year when I struggled to want to write about books. I was having some writer’s block at work and then reviewing and chatting on TTW was the last thing on my mind when I was getting home at night – it looked a bit bleak there for a while…

But Fridays have saved me! I follow a lot of non-book related bloggers and I really enjoy reading their random chatty posts so thought about trying to incorporate something of that to TTW. I quickly found that allowing myself some breathing space and not writing about books actually made me want to write about books again – I guess it’s true what they say, writing about something is better than not writing at all!

So here’s to another year or reading, reviewing and putting my general musings out into the ether. I can’t believe TTW has made it to three! Time for cake, cake and more cake methinks…


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