Never Too Old For Bluebells

Last weekend the boy and I went awandering in the countryside. He lives out in the sticks (that’s a slightly dramatic Londoner way of saying he lives less than an hour away in Surrey…) and it was my turn to travel to him. So we grabbed our coffees and began traipsing in the woods, only to come across a blanket of bluebells…


Now, I have really lovely memories of walking the bluebell woods near my grandparents’ house when I was little and it was always a big deal when “it was time for bluebells” so seeing these cheery springtime flowers cover the ground with their purpley loveliness was a real nostalgic and unexpected Sunday treat.

And speaking of treats, I had a little bit of money left over from my birthday so decided to bite the bullet and purchase a necklace I had been eyeing up for a while. I love a statement necklace, a taste in fashion I have no doubt picked up from my lovely Mum, and this “We all have a story to tell” offering from Mona Mara UK ticked every box – with a subtly bookish statement on a statement piece of jewellery! I absolutely adore it and am already plotting my next Mona Mara purchase (I may have a problem…)

Book Jewellery

This week I have also learnt two things: 1) never underestimate the happiness-inducing power of a freshly made bed (complete with new cushions!) and 2) always invest in a pair (or two) of novelty socks – they make the world a better place to walk.


Happy Friday TTWers – we’ve made it to the weekend!


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