Fun, Fairs and Frolics

Hello! I know it has been a while since I managed to blog but the past fortnight has been unbelievably and ridiculously busy but don’t fret! My act is being got together and book reviews are lining up so should be back in business the next coming weeks.

So what have I been doing and where have I been I hear you cry excitedly (I hope…) Firstly, I was in complete awe having seen the amazing Adele live at the O2 – that woman is the DREAM! There are no words to describe how amazing her voice is live and she manages to fill an entire arena but makes you feel like you’re sat on the sofa with your best friend at the same time. Adele, I salute and adore you.


Yes I bought the gig t-shirt because Adele!!!

I then had the chance to escape to the country for Easter weekend and indulge in everything beer-, walk-, chocolate-, pub-related which was an absolutely perfect break away. My sister and I were roped into Easter egg decorating (oo we do like our crafts!) and we had one rain-free day to Julie Andrews it on top of the Shropshire hills in the sunshine – perfection!


One is NEVER too old to decorate foam eggs…

I also became old…er. I’m never usually bothered about how old I am but this year feels like a bit leap for some reason. Perhaps it’s because I had to work on my birthday so it was a bit of a weird day or the fact it was the first birthday I wasn’t waking up to the tune of my parents singing “Happy Birthday” or the fact am now closer to the impending 30 than the lovely comfort of 20 (spoiler, it’s definitely the last one!)

Weird age crisis aside, I had a really lovely week celebrating with all my friends and family, I am one lucky, lucky girl! There were geeky presents galore, cake aplenty and the most gorgeous roses sent to me at work to embarrass my colleagues into realising it was my birthday – my Mum is as subtle as a brick wall, I love her!


Some birthday pressies – I am one lucky girl!

It wasn’t all fun and games though – work has been manic recently due to back-to-back book fairs, which means relentlessly rushing around like a headless chicken for two weeks! A friend of mine saw the stress I was under and surprised me by leaving some tulips and a card on my desk. Not only was that so selfless and unassuming – she dropped kindness and ran! – it was unbelievably appreciated and taught me that even the worst day can be turned around by someone thinking of you. She’s such a gorgeous girl and I know she reads this so thank you Ellie for being so amazing.


Going into the weekend I am off to see Kinky Boots this eve with the Mum and sis, the last netball game of the season (c’mon N.U.Ns!!) followed by an afternoon of celebratory drinking then a hangover-cure walk with the boy on Sunday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and chat to you next week!


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