I Like To Move It, Move It!

I wish I could sing “I like to move it, move it” but I quite honestly loathe, detest and abhor moving – the packing is stressful, the unpacking is hideous and I always lose something important. Still, I do have a gorgeous new flat and now I have that song in my head so that’s a bonus for a Friday morning!


Unsurprisingly the first things to be unpacked were my books, which found their respective homes in the bedroom and the lounge. I so wish I had any of the gorgeous libraries featured in this Buzzfeed post particularly the last – that is one lovely book nook! The boy and I share a dream to have a library one day a la Beauty and the Beast so I’m hoping we’ll one day be perusing the shelves by sliding ladder! My best friend also came to stay and as she is newly engaged, we spent the whole weekend in a haze of bubbles and trying on ridiculously overpriced dresses for me, her bridesmaid! She also bought me this unbelievable moving in pressie, which I completely adore and the sentiment is so true – thanks Luce, you’re the best!!


I took the day off last Friday to recharge the batteries and spend the day behaving like a child down in Brighton. There’s something so magically British about spending a fortune on 2p machines, supping fish and chips on the beach and playing a round of mini golf (especially if you win!) And it most importantly it worked! I have been stressing about everything – from uni to house moving to work to netball – if I could think about it, I was stressing about it. But a day spent by the briny with the boy really seems to have done the trick and I’m even writing again!


This week I have been discovering the joys of Percy Jackson. I absolutely loved all things Greek myth-related when I was a child and studied Classical Civilisation as an A level so had been hoping that I would enjoy Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and lo and behold I did indeed! Review is to follow but huge shout out to Rick Riordan for combining the modern world with mythology so brilliantly! I also bought a copy of Beetle Boy this week by M.G Leonard – I am a sucker for printed edges and how cool is the one on Beetle Boy?!


This weekend holds all sorts of excitement and I cannot wait for it to get here!! This eve I am heading to Wimbledon theatre with my sister and our bfs for an evening with R-rated puppets in Avenue Q and then tomorrow is the big one – Adele in concert!!!!!*

Wishing you all a fabby Friday and I shall see you next week!


*there are actually not enough exclamation marks in the world to describe how excited I am for this! <- see


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