Hello lovely TTW readers! I hope you are all well? I know it has been a while – 2016 has been utterly manic and as such I have been collapsing in a heap, hugging a glass of wine most nights after work with little to no motivation to do anything other than binge watch old TV shows (Desperate Housewives does NOT get old!)

desperate housewives

But as new things are happening, new chapters are opening and perspectives are shifting!

This weekend I will mark my second house move since December in what I am hoping will be the last move before purchasing my own home – fingers crossed! I’ve had to say goodbye to the home I thought I would be calling my own (nothing is ever straight forward in the property game!) but luckily, my sister is going to live with a boy (!!!) and so her lovely flat has become available which means a new home (owned or not) becomes a fresh start!

Now, it’s only in moving that you can really appreciate just how many books you
possess! Every birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Monday – these are all used as excuses to fulfil my bookshelf wishes but it’s only when you have transport them from place to place, in boxes and a hatchback, that you realise the dedication it takes to be a bookworm. I am managing to say goodbye to some books – the bookshelf lodgers who have overstayed their welcome, been read reluctantly or that need to be released back into the world unread – but this just gives me carte blanche to fill the space with new ones for I have a blog after all…!


So many books, so many heavy boxes!

I love writing about the books I read and reviews will still come thick and fast but it’s becoming a bit samey and I want to mix it up! So, with that in mind, I have made the decision to add in a regular Friday morning chat-style feature so I can get back into the habit of blogging – regularity is the aim of my game right now!

Why Friday you ask? Well, Fridays are usually the happiest day of the week for most but they are particularly happy for me because Thursday nights are often date nights and seeing the boy generally just makes everything better, it’s only one day until I get to rock it on a netball court with my lovely team (bring on Saturday morning!) and, mostly, because end of the week fuzzies are the best!! My journey into work on a Friday is usually my happiest and so here’s me trying to make yours that little bit brighter too!

So every Friday morning comes a TGIF post – no set content, no set agenda, just me! Let’s see how it goes…




One thought on “Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. This sounds like a great idea, looking forward to it. The bit about your sister moving in with a boy reminds me of that scene from Friends where Monica moves in with Chandler 😀 Good luck with the new flat!

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