Most of this book is true.

Sue Perkins has been a favourite of mine for a very long time – whether she’s holding her own, one half of Mel and Sue or being a Supersizer, she not only rocks but is puntastic to boot – the dream combination for a literary nerd like me! Despite the booklist being on lockdown this Christmas (moving really brings the amount of books you own into heavy perspective!), I couldn’t resist asking Father Christmas for a copy of Spectacles purely because it’s Sue Perkins.

Reading Spectacles felt like I was having a conversation with Sue, such is the style of her narrative. Her voice effortlessly translates onto the page and back off it again so not only was I invested and interested but also found myself laughing and crying along as well. I devoured this book like it was a Bake Off winning Showstopper and, unlike other Christmas-release memoirs/biographies, I know that I’ll find myself reaching for it again whenever I need a little pick-me-up or a dash of kindred spirit and tonic.

If you’re looking for a ‘warts and all’, ‘cover all bases’ insight to everything Sue P (and, let’s face it, Bake Off!) I’m afraid this isn’t it – but that’s a good thing! She gives enough of herself away in anecdotes and candid retellings with honesty and humour without compromising her privacy or her integrity and as a fan I don’t think you can ask anymore of her than that (though a few more supercute/embarrassing childhood photos wouldn’t have gone down too badly at all…!) Her family sound amazingly weird and wonderful and the changes, coincidences and choices she makes throughout her life that leads her along life’s path are wonderful to witness.

It’s a light-hearted, friendly and fun read – one that every Perkinite will enjoy tremendously. She’s insightful, interesting and intelligent and every bit the Sue on television as she is on paper. Just what you want in a memoir really!

4 star


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