Looking back on 2015

2015 review

Well, Happy New Year’s Eve TTWers! May your eve be merry and full of reflection and resolution indeed!

The time between Christmas festivities and New Year fireworks always makes me reflect on the past twelve months and as I change diaries I love looking back on what has happened and thinking about what I have learned in 2015.

This year marked the publication of my first two children’s books – both sticker activity, one photographic and one with characters drawn by the lovely Fhiona Galloway. I get to write as part of my job and seeing these two titles in the flesh was so exciting! They may not be Carnegie, Greenaway or Waterstone’s book prize contenders but to me they marked the start of something incredible and with nine books out next year, it’s going to be a fun journey! So go into the world Construction and I Spy On The Farm and entertain children everywhere!

2015 was the first year I set myself a book challenge – to read 30 of the best debut novels, as listed by Shortlist. I managed to get through half this year and am coming to terms with that shortfall! Reading for my university course, netball, life and everything in between just prevented me from completing that one particular list but I will go into the New Year reinvigorated to finish it off in 2016. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

There is still so much I want to do with Through the Wardrobe but I am just one person and not putting too much pressure on myself is one of the major things I learnt this year. My university dissertation is my main focus for the next eight months but worry not for I will be reviewing as and when I can – because as you all know, the reading never stops!

Looking forward, 2016 is the year of growing up (a bit). It’s the year I, hopefully, move into my first flat – one that I actually own!! – and for it to be a place where I can settle. It’s the year two books that I have written that are very important to me are published which brings all kinds of stomach butterflies (more on those to come…). It’s the year I see Adele in concert – not book-related but unbelievably exciting nonetheless! And it’s the year I continue to read, blog and chat all things book-related with you lovely lot! So thank you for reading, commenting and recommending throughout 2015. Bring it on 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!



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