Some Very Exciting Post Indeed…

I pre-ordered a copy of this book back in July when the sun was hot and money was in my bank account and yesterday it finally arrived!!

Harry Potter post!!

Harry Potter post!!

When it was announced that Bloomsbury was creating illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books my first thought was “fair doos, another way to string an already lucrative bow”. But when it was revealed that the fantastic Jim Kay was to be the illustrator, there came another thought entirely and that thought was “when can buy it?!” because Jim Kay is superb and Harry Potter is amazing – therefore this must be match made in heaven!

Little teaser images have been lighting up the internet along the way but yesterday was the first time I actually hold in my hand the final book and I am as far from disappointed as a person can be – in fact it may be difficult to remove the grin from my face for the next few days!

A proper review will follow shortly after a proper reread but right now, flicking through and seeing the sumptuous images accompanying this amazing story is making me one very happy HP fan indeed! To whet your appetite pre-review, here are a few of Jim Kay’s images:

Harry and Hagrid

Harry and Hagrid go off!

Getting sorted!

Getting sorted!

Nearly-headless Nick

Nearly-headless Nick


Sunset over the Quidditch pitch!

I’m already in LOVE with the illustrations so it’s off to rediscover the debut of this wonderful boy wizard!


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