Two Years Of Going Through The Wardrobe!


I can’t believe today marks two years of going Through the Wardrobe – where has the time gone?! Blogging has become a permanent fixture in my life now and I couldn’t be happier, especially as I’ve had such an amazing year!

Towards the end of 2014 I decided to add a little bit more structure to my reading for the upcoming year and take on a reading challenge! I absolutely love discovering new authors and found that a lot of books on my bookshelves were debut novels and so, having accidentally coming across an article on Shortlist’s website, the 2015 Debut Novels Challenge was born! It mixes classic with contemporary novels and, with my follow up posts, I get to discover more about the wonderful authors who started their careers with the book I’d just read. 7 down, 23 to go!

Best-Blog-DesignA couple of months ago I got the shock of my blogging life when it was announced that TTW had won a design award! I love writing about the books I read and planning articles about the world of literature that even having people read my ramblings is enough for me. To be awarded for it, is utterly overwhelming – I still can’t believe it!

So two years on I’m reading more, getting more and more involved with the blogging community and just having literary ball! My bookcase has never been more of a health and safety risk(!) but I have never been happier – so thank you so much TTW readers for everything you have given me for the past two years. I promise to keep writing if you keep reading 😉

Here’s to another year!



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