Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Book Related Problems I Have


So with Thursdays being the new Fridays and all that jazz I’ve decided to up my game a little and make Tuesdays the new book days with a little help from the lovely people over at The Broke and the Bookish!

Every week they conjure up a new Top Ten list for us book bloggers to write about and this week it’s a list of the trials and tribulations bookworms face*.

*They are tenuous I’ll state that now because I don’t believe books create any real problems although my strained bookcase and bank balance may disagree…

Problem One – Books: it’s deep and it’s real!
There’s no non-clichéd way of saying it but I love books. Always have, always will. I am incredibly lucky to have a career working in books as well as the opportunity to write and review them – tis a charmed life indeed! However, working in the literary industry means that you are constantly bombarded with images, news and recommendations of books and results in my spending the vast majority of my pay packet on books – who needs food when you have literature?!

Image 1

Problem Two – First impressions count!
If an author doesn’t grab me in my foray to their works, I rarely give them a second chance! I do always try to finish what I’ve started but if I didn’t enjoy wading through the first book, I am then (possibly unfairly) prejudiced about reading the rest of their authorial canon.

Problem Three – Neither a lender or a borrower be…
I love helping friends and family find their next favourite read and sharing my reading delights and disasters here on Through the Wardrobe but I am notoriously bad at lending people books – where Joey from Friends doesn’t share food, I don’t really share books!

Problem Four – More haste, less speed
I tend to read on my commute and in my lunch breaks and this broken up way of reading makes me feel like I don’t appreciate every book fully. I need to get back into the habit of going to bed earlier and reading in my jammies!

Problem Five – Storage
Despite owning and actually liking my Kindle, 99.9% of the books I buy are hardcopies. I love physically turning the pages and scanning my bookshelves for the next read but it does create the problem of where to put all of literary purchases. My bookcase is groaning and even my bedside table is full to the brim!

Image 2

Problem Six – Temptations of earwigging
Any commuter who reads will understand the pitfall of the general public to your concentration. Sometimes real life is more interesting than the written word, especially if it’s a couple having an argument or a super-cute child playing up, and a book becomes a great screen to hide behind while you listen to every word!

Problem Seven – Multiple Reading Lists
This year I think I have four reading lists on the go and, as a monogamous reader, it does lead to the panic setting in at times! I read for my university course, for my blog challenge, for fun and for research for work – that’s a lot of reading to fit in and around attempting to have a social life as well!

Problem Eight – Let it Go!
Hello, my name is Libby and I am a notorious book hoarder. I find it very difficult to get rid of my very large ‘yeah, was ok’ pile of read books. I think I feel a second read might convert them into something magical but I need to get stricter with myself and let the unloved go!

Problem Nine – Recommendation Deafness
The stubborn and ridiculous side of me will always recoil back from anyone saying “You must read this!” I don’t know why but if a book or series is everywhere, being read by everyone my immediate reaction is to put the shutters down and avoid reading it at all cost (or at least for a few years!).

Problem Ten – So Many Books, So Little Time!
Tis a sad fact that all readers have to come to terms with at some point or another – you just can’t read every book ever written, it is impossible! So my advice is to choose your books carefully (life’s too short to read a bad book!), read widely and throw a classic or two into the mix every so often!

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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. Problem #2: Completely agree! I’m also a literary agent, so that means extra book reading. If attention isn’t grabbed or the writing/plot doesn’t interest me, it’s goodbye and move on…

    COMPLETELY with you on Problem #3 (I never lend books. Never. Libraries exist for a reason 😉 ), #5 (*snort* no such thing as storage!), #8 (except now I’ve gotten into the habit of “eh, if it’s only okay…I’m letting it go.”), and #9 (I always wait a year later before attempting a book everyone raved about! Takes the pressure off).

    • SO glad you get #2 too! I love working with books but sometimes I feel like I’m always working because I’m always reading (not that I’m complaining!)

      Exactly the same with #9 – I think I do it so the pressure off and then don’t feel compelled to love it to or completely weird for not getting what the big deal is!

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