A Decade of Partying, Living and Worrying

The Wrong Knickers

It started, as ever, with a kiss.

Sometimes a book lands in your lap at exactly the right time and the timing of my reading of Bryony Gordon’s The Wrong Knickers was near perfect! As a twenty-something about to fly the family nest once more after returning post-undergrad degree and choosing forge a career in the notoriously poorly paid world of publishing, The Wrong Knickers is just what I needed!

Likened to a modern day Bridget Jones, Bryony Gordon’s novel (formed from her own experiences as written in her weekly Telegraph column ‘How the Other Half Lives’) offers insight into the mind of a working twenty-something who is desperate to find her way in the world.

In a world of social media, where the details of people’s lives are carefully selected to make them seem as exciting and shiny as possible, it was SO comforting to read Bryony Gordon’s “warts and all” account! The nasties of twenties life are revealed by the bucket-load and her honesty and frank style of writing is both refreshing and highly entertaining. As a hopeless romantic, disguised as a complete cynic, I felt at home with Gordon’s chatty author voice. Reading the tales of her life and (for want of a better word) disastrous love life felt like I was meeting a girlfriend in a pub somewhere, overthinking every painful detail whilst quaffing several bottles of the house wine.

Fabulously voyeuristic in nature, The Wrong Kickers lets you into the world of an intelligent, fun-loving party girl who, for whatever reason, manages to get herself into and, thankfully, out of some pretty sticky situations. Very little is left to the imagination as she flits from disastrous sexual encounter to meaninglessly fling and back again. Living paycheck to paycheck, living in crappy bedsits, experimenting with everything and anything offered and the pressure to generally have ‘the best time ever’ 24/7 is all touched on in Gordon’s ‘decade of chaos’ (a very fitting subtitle!).

I’m not sure how enjoyable this book would be for someone who is completely alien to the trials and tribulations experienced by Bryony – I think it’s very much a “it speaks to me or it doesn’t” kind of book. Fortunately, it spoke to me! I found myself spending half the time relating directly to what Bryony was going through and the other half really hoping that the rest of my twenties won’t be half so frenzied!

The Wrong Knickers: A decade of chaos is a light-hearted read which is both entertaining, comforting and humorous – ending with the poignant message of ‘not to worry, things will work out’, even if it does mean stepping away from the guy who looks completely perfect on paper but whose penchant for butter means you should arm yourself with a very large barge pole!

3 star


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