A Life Like No Other

Let's Pretend This Never Hapened

This book is totally true, except for the bits that aren’t.

The opening line of Jenny Lawson’s book is as frank an opening statement as you will ever read. It highlights her honesty, an unapologetic right to embellish that which is labelled as ‘fact’ and an outstandingly deadpan delivery. This unique author who you can’t help but love (and is the original JLaw) will have you snorting with laughter on a commuter train packed with stony-faced, judgemental Londoners – I promise!

Created from the success of JL’s online life commentary (otherwise known as her blog), Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is a memoir that not only explores more of the world of The Bloggess but also offers detailed insight into how the woman who brightens up the PC screens of many came to be quite so quirky and un-PC!

Born in rural Texas, JL tells stories of under-appreciated fashion statements (bread-sack shoes anyone?), more than true-to-life hand puppets (animated taxidermy perhaps?) and surprise metal chickens called Beyoncé – intrigued now aren’t you??

As a big fan of JL, I absolutely delighted at reading her in hardcopy, ‘proper book’ print and this (mostly true) memoir is genuinely hilarious, refreshingly blunt and nothing short of a sheer delight. Her unfathomable energy is translated into her chatty stream-of-consciousness narrative – but be warned, the style and content may not be for everyone so trial read her blog and, if you love her as much as I, onto the book MacDuff!

There are profound, deep and dark moments explored in this book in addition to the ludicrous childhood anecdotes but they are far from misplaced. JL’s unique take on dealing with anxiety and depression (a generally un-PC dark sense of humour) creates a positive light-and-the-end of the tunnel spin which, in anyone else’s hands, has the potential to be borderline preachy or saccharine. JL is one of us – imperfect and proud – and in her stead we can all learn something.

Basically, Jenny Lawson is an awesome human being and just a little bit off the wall which is why I found something to giggle along to on every page and really hope you will too. (In fact, she is completely on the other side of said wall but that just makes her, and her book, even more interesting!)

4 star


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