An Algorithm for Love?

The Rosie Project

I may have found a solution to the Wife Problem.

In a world where Sheldon Cooper reigns supreme it seems that the socially awkward have finally found a place in both the spotlight and our hearts. And so enter Don Tillman, a professor of genetics who, at the grand age of 39, decides to embark on a project that will take him away from the world of order and routine he surrounds himself with and into the unpredictable. He wants to find a wife – scientifically. Armed with a detailed questionnaire devised to weedle out the potential soulmates from the absolute no-hopers, The Rosie Project follows Don as he attempts to search for the perfect partner.

Originally created as a screenplay, the dialogue within this novel is so tightly-written that it would easily translate onto the big screen and reads with perfectly crafted imagery. The Rosie Project is a cinematic, light-hearted and funny story focussing on a different way to find love from the point of view of a far-from-typical protagonist.

Yes, there are an awful lot of clichés in relation to the portrayal of Don as a man living with Asperger’s – the rigid daily routine, incessant time keeping, inability to read and understand social situations – but in a first-person narrative of an essentially light-hearted novel, is there a better way to relay that character trait with such immediacy? The characterisation is so well-rounded and develops so well within the pages that you can forgive any stereotyping on the part of Simsion, providing you connect with Don right from the off. I absolutely loved him and as such fell in love with this charming, quirky read but I imagine it would be difficult to appreciate this novel if you can’t find that connection.

Whilst there is an air of predictable romantic-comedy within the story, this should not deter your reading of it. It is not a one-dimensional, slushy or typical chick-lit novel about finding ones soulmate but rather a fresh and fun look at the journey. Written by a man, from a man’s perspective and mixing the illogical reasoning of attraction with the stringent rules of science, Simsion plays with finding the perfect in the imperfect and who could not enjoy that?!

4 star


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