Love In Many Forms


The sun does not go down.

Midwinterblood was set as one of the primary texts for a module on my MA course and also my first foray into the mind of Marcus Sedgwick. And now, having completed it, it definitely won’t be my last!

Layered like a Russian nesting doll, the structure of Midwinterblood is the most striking aspect of this intricate story. Centred on the premise of eternal love reincarnated throughout the ages, Sedgwick’s novel is a hauntingly beautiful gothic masterpiece. Set on the mysterious Blessed Island, a remote place steeped in myth and history, each of the seven ‘moon’ chapters contains a demi-story depicting the love of Eric and Merle in its many forms.

The novel is detailed, beautifully balanced and powerful. Love, sacrifice and death transcend the laws of time as we follow a changing cast of ages, characters and actions – all telling the same story and yet individual in themselves. The phrase “so it is” is repeated throughout, playing with the big issues of pre-determination and freewill and I really loved how Sedgwick weaves each story together to explore the boundaries of fate and how much man is in control of their own destiny. Amazingly clever!

For a novel broken up into seven separate yet similar stories, whose beginning is the end and end the beginning, one may feel assume this is a convoluted difficult-to-follow story but, trust me, it really isn’t! It’s a gift that keeps on giving – with each read more tricks come to light and expose just how fantastic Midwinterblood and Marcus Sedgwick is.

4 star


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