Through the Wardrobe – February Books

Digital doesn’t count…right?! Ok I admit it, I’m broken! I can’t physically manage to go 4 months without purchasing a book but…to be fair…

  1. 4 months is a very long time (though I did ace it through January!), and
  2. Amazon was especially mean in having some of my book wishlist in their Kindle monthly deals last month.

Conclusion – Amazon’s fault.

Looking at this with perspective (and shameless self-justification), I have actually saved money by taking advantage of the 99p eBook sales, as well as saving both bookshelf space and my postman’s back by purchasing digitally – yes those are my very tenuous excuses and I’m sticking to them! So on to the books…

February eBooks

I am actually gutted that these books will be sheltered in my Kindle as they all have such striking covers!

The starkness of the yellow and black of new release Thirteen, a YA novel based in London about one boy’s attempts to escape a cult’s sacrificial rampage, is particularly effective. I love how the tally marks compliment the blurb!

As I’m currently studying time and history at university, I must be receptive to similar books as this Barbara Eskine found its way onto my radar. Hiding from the Light plays with the memory of the 1644 witch hunts within a modern day setting – gothic hauntings abound!

The Kingdom of Childhood  is one of those novels with an infamous reputation as it tackles on of the more taboo societal relationships, that between a teacher and pupil. I’m intrigued to see how such tricky subject matter is tackled.

As you now know, Rainbow Rowell is a new author for me but one I already love, having devoured Fangirl last month! I really love the incredibly stylish cover almost as much as I loved the story so a hard copy may find its way onto my bookshelf at some point… (see my review here)

Barbara Kingsolver is one of those authors who I feel I should have read. She’s been recommended to me by at least five people so with Flight Behaviour down to 99p, I am embarking on an education.

Despite holding the accolade of winner of the Costa First Novel Award in 2011, it was the cover of Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away that pulled me in – the words entwined with the graphics flow beautifully. For some unknown reason, and completely unintentionally, I don’t really read a lot of novels set in Africa so Tiny Sunbirds will be something different.

I meant to read this book before the film came out but I did the usual ‘oh its popular and everyone’s reading it so I won’t’ thing – really don’t know why I do that! I think enough time has passed now for The Silver Lining’s Playbook to come into my life.

There’s something about the title and pastelised cover of The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp that reminds me of films I love like An Education, Cemetery Junction and Tamara Drewe.

And that’s February done! I’m off to Bath Literature Festival this week so I shall try (but probably won’t succeed) to curb any book temptations…


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