Through the Wardrobe – December Books and a very Happy New Year!


So the Christmas decs are down, the uni assignment has been successfully submitted and my joyous commute has once again got me up at 6.30am – it’s officially January people! With a new university module on the horizon and hyped up on festive cheer, December’s book buying went a little into overdrive (ok, a lot into it!) so I’m only going to share with you the non-university related reads in this round up.

I have also made a little New Year’s resolution to refrain from any further purchases until April…I hope! It is going to be really tough! And yet I am determined to use the first 4 months of 2014 to get into a better balanced reading routine with uni books as well as exploring all the other lovelies that currently reside on my shelves (and under the bed, and in my bedside table, and in my study etc. etc.)

Now onto the December delights and only new titles that will grace my shelves until March (I know I said April but books for my birthday don’t count as my purchases!)…

Dec '13

In Bloom – How can anyone fail to want to pick up a book with such a fab cover?! There have been a lot of comparisons made between this debut from Matthew Crow and the massive 2013 hit The Fault in Our Stars. I hope In Bloom emulates the same kind of beauty that I found in Green’s novel, rather than shamelessly trying to replicate it – we shall see!

Amity & Sorrow – I read the blurb of this title and it immediately grabbed me. As a clear audience divider on Goodreads, I’m really looking forward to finding out which side of the fence I sit with this one.

The Round House – This book inexplicably found its way onto my radar, I hadn’t heard of Louise Erdrich before and this book wasn’t one recommended to me and yet I kept seeing it everywhere. Temptation and curiosity was clearly too much…

How I Live Now – Heralded as one of the YA greats, I have to admit that it wasn’t until a wise ex-teacher of mine suggested dipping into some of Rosoff that I decided to take the plunge. This one’s for you Schoey!

The Diary of A Young Girl – The definitive World War II story and one I haven’t ever properly visited. We did some small sections on Anne Frank at school but as I now read a lot of novels based in the Second World War, I think I should probably dedicate some proper time to read this iconic diary.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, The Other Way Round, A Small Person Far Away – This semi-autobiographical, Second World War trilogy from the legendary Judith Kerr is finally mine!

Emily of New Moon – Having finished an emotional reread of Anne of Green Gables recently (I love that book so much!), I looked into more hunting down some more un-Anne L.M. Montgomery as it was a territory unventured. Enter Emily Starr and New Moon Farm – I’m sorry but you do have a lot to live up to, no pressure.

The Complete Maus – I really want to read more graphic novels and Maus is one that I have been desperate to start my adventure with.

And yet that little haul was still not enough! The Amazon Daily Deals for the Kindle over Christmas were unbelievably tempting but I think I was fairly restrained and managed to cross three more titles off my wish-list at only 99p a pop:

The Universe versus Alex Woods

Last year saw some amazingly popular YA trilogies hitting the crossover market – three certainly seems to be the magic number to crowd-please at the moment and I’m starting the year revisiting one of my favourites. As such I am really looking forward to dipping into the opening gambit to Veronica Roth’s Divergent series and have many more trilogies in line for 2014. Watch this space.

Happy New Year all!


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