Through the Wardrobe – Christmas Books

I’ve decided to do a pre-‘December Books’ book haul as I was thoroughly spoilt at Christmas! I hope you all had a fabby Christmas – it really is my favourite time of year with the spending time with friends and family, decorations, copious amounts of drink and turkey (who knew a small crown could last so long!), carols, pub times and pressies. I’ve been hauled up in Shropshire the past week, curled up by the fire – it has been bliss! – but thought I’d do a quick round-up of the books Father Christmas so kindly bestowed upon me (apparently he really does listen to requests!).

Christmas '13

White Truffles in Winter The imagined life of chef Auguste Escoffier (of Ritz and Savoy fame) isn’t my usual read but with food tv programmes being a major guilty pleasure of mine and having heard a little of this legendary French chef I thought 2014 was the year to break usual reading habits. Having skimmed the opening page, I’m expecting MAJOR bouts of food envy from this read!

Shadow and Bone The Grisha is the major YA trilogy doing the rounds at the moment and though the final instalment is yet to be published (something I usually wait for when embarking on a new series/trilogy) I have been hearing nothing but excitement and recommendations about Bardugo’s opening gambit so here goes!

The Tiger in the Smoke I don’t know if it’s just me but there seems to have been a resurgence in the interest in Allingham’s books – either that or they are just everywhere at the moment! I had never heard of Margery Allingham or her main character Albert Campion before this winter but I’m really excited to discover, hopefully, a great new crime/thriller writer.

Moranthology How to be a Woman is one of my rereads planned for next year, I absolutely loved Moran’s frank wit and hilariously honest sense of humour. As an anthology (you see what she did with the title now?! Wit.) of her articles and POV, I can’t wait for Caitlin to cheer up my miserable January.

The Night Circus As one of the most memorable covers of 2012 this title has finally caught up to me! Having finished Water for Elephants last month, I was on the lookout for another circus-related title that could fill the void and so, after many recommendations for this book, succumbed to the popular reputation of Morgenstern’s award-winning title and it’s deliciously gothic cover.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir Father Christmas read my Christmas Cracker post! So unbelievably excited to read Jenny Lawson’s tales from her strangely bizarre Texan childhood, The Bloggess is on my bookshelf!

And then to finish off the Christmas spoilings, my Auntie bought me the most beautiful bookends! Though my room is FULL to the brim with books, both read and unread, I’m sure I can find a place for this beautiful chap (these beautiful chaps? Not sure of the plurality of one owl in half…) to cuddle a few books.

Bookshelves restocked with Christmas goodies? Any festive reads over the holidays you’d recommend? (Planning ahead for my March birthday!)


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