Literary Christmas Crackers

book_christmas_tree For a bit of festive fun, Lucy (thebumblingbibliophile) has created the Christmas Cracker book tag – a great way to think about those literary winter warmers. So in the spirit of Christmas and love of all things literature, here are my offerings:

The Box of Delights
1. Pick a book with a wintery cover
John Masefield’s The Box of Delights is a perfect wintery tale of magic, time travel, villainous gangs and the Christmas holidays. A wonderful classic children’s book filled to the brim with fantasy adventure and a brilliantly snowy cover that’s perfect for festive-ing up the bookshelf.

Pride and Prej
2. Pick a book you’re likely to buy as a present
I absolutely love the Folio Society’s collection – these books were made to be given to someone special at Christmas time! I would probably choose their beautiful version of Pride and Prejudice as a present purely because, as my favourite book of all time, I think everyone should read it and have a keepsake copy!

Letters from Father Christmas
3. Pick a festive themed book
I discovered this book two years ago when I was working at the gorgeous bookshop, Under the Greenwood Tree. Now I’m not a Tolkien fan at all but this book is absolutely, heart-warmingly Christmassy. It’s a collection of the letters Tolkien wrote and illustrated for his children pretending to be Father Christmas…pure magic!

4. Pick a book you can curl up with by the fireplaceFireplace reads
I’m a big believer in an easy, enjoyable fireplace read and so I would find myself turning to my guilty-pleasure authors for a good pick me up – stories that are gripping, well written and (above all else) not exhausting to consume! Me Before You, My Sister’s Keeper and The Pact would definitely be top of the list to reach for on a cold winters day.

Gone with the Wind
5. Pick a book you want to read over the festive period
To have neglected reading such a stalwart classic is borderline unforgivable but then again, at nearly 1,000 pages, it does sit on my bookshelf looking intimidating and time consuming! I’m hoping my Christmas in the countryside, with the open fires and rolling hills, will give me time to finally get stuck into Scarlett O’Hara’s epic tale.

Chills6. Pick a book that’s so good it gives you the chills
There have been two books this year that have left me completely blown away. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak is just a masterpiece of writing and storytelling and the delivery and subject matter of Ruta Sepetys’ Between Shades of Gray is stunning.

7. Pick a book going on your Christmas wishlistLet's Pretend This Never Happened
For those of you who know me, will know full well that there isn’t just one book on my Christmas wish list this year – in fact I struggle to ask for anything other than books! This year one of the many titles picked for the Christmas wishlist is a book I have long longed for but, as an almost exclusive fiction reader, have not yet purchased: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by the amazingly hilarious Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess). I absolutely LOVE her blog, so hopes are high for the extended book – Father Christmas, I hope you’re taking note!


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