A Book That Steals Your Heart but Will the Film?!

What I love about blogging is that it encourages you to look at books in a different way. I’ve found that I’m really reading books now, absorbing their pros and cons so that I have the tools to write and review positively/negatively about the experience that collection of words has given me.

One of my favourite reads so far since starting Through the Wardrobe is without a doubt The Book Thief (see my review here). It is just the most beautifully written show-stopper of a novel that I know I will read time and time again.

And so with excitement and trepidation, I’m looking forward to seeing the upcoming film adaptation of it. The loss of Death’s voice I think will be hard to overcome as it was such an integral feature of the book but, as the trailer has already made me well up, I’m hoping it will retain the rest of the features that make this book so fantastic. (And Geoffrey Rush looks like he will make an amazing Hans Hubermann).

It’s going to be a long wait til January but in the meantime enjoy this little preview (if you haven’t already)…


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