Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

Birthday books

Having just had another brilliant swag of books for a recently passed birthday, I thought now would be the perfect time to start the blog I have been planning for a while.

‘Why a blog?’ you may well ask and I shall answer thusly…

Working in London but living in Surrey gives me a daily gift (though sometimes it doesn’t feel like one I want!) of two hours commuting time. As a confirmed book worm, I use this time delving into the realms of the imaginary. It was only when I realised that I was averaging about a book a week that I wanted to do something more with a used tale than simply put it back on the bookcase/log out of the Kindle/give it away. I wanted that week’s worth of read to mean something.

So here I am! Writing reviews on the books that fill that gap between home and work, imposing my thoughts on what has momentarily preoccupied my mind. (This is my very first blog so please ‘bear with’ if the layout/content takes a while to perfect!)

The books I will review are not resigned to a specific genre or theme – though they mostly will be adult/YA fiction. I’m hoping doing reviews and becoming part of the blogging world will keep my mind open to trying new things and help me read more widely.

I love opening a new book and seeing if the first line can pull me in so I’ve chosen to start every review with the first line of that book and finish it with my star rating of the book as a whole.

So here’s to blogging, reviewing and escaping Through the Wardrobe!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

  1. “…..a very good place to start.” I’m completely amazed, but not surprised by this blog. It is fantastic and a credit to you. A great idea from a great book-lover. Can’t wait to read more.

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